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28 March


Due to our strong partnership with nobilia, and our overall expertise beyond kitchens, A&S Home Design are able to bring our ‘more than kitchen’ portfolio and expertise to all living areas and functional spaces in the home.

In this blog, we will explore what we have termed ‘more than kitchen‘. Whether wardrobe, dining room, living room, utility room or bathroom – our furniture system makes quite an impression even outside the kitchen. With a broad selection of materials, décors and colours, with customisable design options, high quality furniture fittings and ingenious accessories for your living environment.

Bathroom Designs with Individuality and Convenience

The trend toward individually designed interiors with homely character continues into the bathroom. And with it, the demand for perfect storage space organisation and ergonomic furnishings – simply put, convenience – has also substantially increased.

Bathroom Design

The quality characteristics of our furniture make it ideally equipped to meet these requirements. For this reason, we supplement our collection with an independent product line of bathroom furniture, hand basins and accessories.

A bathroom is always a special room. It’s a place of retreat, an oasis of well-being and a very personal space.

To help you make it your very own, we supply high-quality bathroom furniture that has been inspired by nature or current trends in interior design. Whether it’s a warm wood look, high-quality slate, modern concrete or high gloss and matt surfaces: we offer aesthetically pleasing designs that can be individually combined to suit any requirements. So you can really enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom.

Get further inspiration and ideas from our bathroom gallery here.

Utility Rooms

Where to put all the things that we use on a daily basis, but that shouldn’t be visible to everyone who enters the kitchen?

Utility Rooms

They can end up in the basement, out of the way. But then they are no longer readily accessible for everyday use. Moreover, many single family homes or flats today no longer even come with basements. This has led to a revival of the utility room.

Since this room often must serve many functions within a small footprint, a design that is both functional and ergonomic, with clever customisable solutions is an absolute must.

The utility room is a clever alternative for modern homes and flats without basements or storage closets.

We provide you with customised solutions for all your laundry needs, household cleaning, storing pantry provisions and recycling, even in the smallest space. Our extensive assortment along with a multitude of practical accessory items enables optimum utilisation of space, which is tailored perfectly to your needs.

Find more inspiration, by exploring our our gallery here.

Ideas for Dream Living Spaces

When designing your new kitchen, include the adjacent living areas in your concept as well.

Living Room Spaces

You can furnish living rooms, dining rooms and wardrobes in a unified design style with your open concept kitchen using carcase elements, shelving systems and wall shelves.

The open concept design of adjacent kitchen, dining and living areas is spot on trend.

The flexible solutions from nobilia enable holistic design. The décor and material combination in your kitchen can be carried over to all your rooms to create a trend-oriented coordinated interior.

From the perfect kitchen design to a cosy overall living space design, A&S Home Design allows you to maintain the same feeling all around your home. For more ideas visit our Living Spaces page here and gallery here.

Shelving Systems

Whether it is used as an herb garden in the kitchen or as a wardrobe, for storage in the living room or bathroom or even as a walk-in wardrobe—our shelving system is a striking conversation piece in every room.

Shelving System

The shelving system offers you multifaceted and flexible planning options. With innovative ideas, elegant design and countless practical details for integrated contemporary home interiors.

It would be virtually impossible to imagine current interior design trends without modern shelfing systems.

On the one hand, the focus is on modular systems that can be planned out and flexibly integrated into varying living situations. And on the other hand, there is a demand for small individual elements that can simply be combined. You decide whether you use your shelf to display beautiful objects or as a practical organising aid. Our shelving systems help you realise your home furnishing ideas.

On the subject of shelving systems, you might want to check out our popular blog on how to maximise your Kitchen storage space here and our shelving systems gallery here.

Home Offices

For a home office with attractive furnishings – we have the possibilities with our ‘more than kitchen’ range!

Home Office

Our modular furniture concepts enable you to link your working and living spaces in style.

We turn your workspace at home into a feel-good office and modern working area with functional storage options. So you can work more beautifully and remotely – Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls will never be the same, making you the envy of your colleagues in your special work from home office environment!

Conclusion about more than kitchen

In conclusion, A&S Home Design offers more than just kitchen design and installation expertise. With our strong partnership with nobilia, we can bring expertise to all living areas and functional spaces in the home, including bathrooms, utility rooms, living spaces, shelving systems, and home offices.

nobila’s furniture system offers a broad selection of materials, décors, and colors with customisable design options, high-quality furniture fittings, and ingenious accessories for your living environment.

These modular furniture concepts also enable you to link your working and living spaces in style, turning your workspace at home into a feel-good office and modern working area with functional storage options.

At A&S Home Design, we offer a wide range of bespoke kitchen and living space design options to suit your unique tastes and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

A&S Home Design is a distributor of nobilia German quality engineered and value for money kitchens.

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